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If you like to share various information inside your office among your staffs, information sharing with Google Sites is the most resonable and effective way for you. Google Sites makes creating and sharing a group site. There are no such service you can use for free.
Please feel free to contact us about using google sites for your business.

What Google Sites is:
-10 GB of Google Sites storage, plus 500 MB for each Premier Edition user account
-Manage Google Sites sharing settings across your business
-Easily publish Google Sites within your company
-Effective Tool for Business Blog, Information sharing among your collegues, project management

<Sample sites provided by google>

google sites sample1
google sites sample 2
Project Management
Business Intranet

Google Sites Construction
Fee: 80,000yen ~

Google Sites Management

Fee: 10,000yen/month ~

Please feel free to contact Tokyo Foreigner Support.
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